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XI Balkan Conference on Operational Research

Final BALCOR 2013 conference proceedings is available here.


BALCOR is an international conference which traditionally gathers operational researchers with the objective to present the results of theoretical and applied work. One of the benefits is a successful exchange of ideas and information of interest to operational research and the promotion of international co-operation, particularly among the Balkan countries.

The XL national Operational Research Symposium – SYM-OP-IS 2013 will be held in the same period as the XI Balkan Conference on Operational Research – BALCOR 2013 as a Joint International Meeting. This is a joint effort of the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences and the Serbian OR Society.

The conference will be an extraordinary opportunity for the OR researchers to get together from 7-11 September, 2013 in the beautiful city of Belgrade, and the mountain tourism centre Zlatibor. We believe that your participation or research presentation may considerably contribute to this event.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Serbia.

Nenad Mladenovic
Conference Chair

Scientific committee

International Scientific Committee:

N. Mladenović, University of Belgrade (Serbia) and Brunel University (U.K.), Conference Chair

Z. Babić, University of Split (Croatia)
T. Bilgiç, Boğaziçi University (Turkey)
S. Brailsford, University of Southampton (United Kingdom)
M. Čangalović, University of Belgrade (Serbia)
M. Demange, ESSEC Business School in Paris (France)
A. Duarte, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain)
I. Dzițac, Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad (Romania)
J. Figueira, Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal)
H. Gavranović, International University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina)
A. Georgiou, University of Macedonia (Greece)
A. Hertz, GERAD – Ecole des HEC (Canada)
M. Iosifescu, Vice-President of the Romanian Academy (Romania)
C. Iyigun Middle East Technical University (Turkey)
M. Jacimović, University of Montenegro (Montenegro)
V. Kovačević-Vujčić, University of Belgrade (Serbia)
A. Migdalas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
M. Labbé, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)
Z. Laslo, SCE – Shamoon College of Engineering, (Israel)
M. Martić, University of Belgrade (Serbia)
N. Matsatsinis, Technical University of Crete (Greece)
I. Mierlus Mazilu, Technical University of Civil Engineering (Romania)
J. Moreno Perez, University of La Laguna (Spain)
D. Nace, Universite de Technologie de Compiegne (France)
C. Oğuz, Koç University (Turkey)
P. Pardalos, University of Florida (USA)
V. Paschos, Universite Paris Dauphine (France)
V. Preda, University of Bucharest (Romania)
B. Radenković, University of Belgrade (Serbia)
D. Radojević, Mihajlo Pupin Institute (Serbia, O.R. Society chairman)
G. Sahin, Sabanci University (Turkey)
N. Samaras, University of Macedonia (Greece)
S. Sburlan, Naval Academy Mircea cel Batran Constanta (Romania)
Y. Siskos, University of Pireaus (Greece)
A. Sifaleras, University of Macedonia (Greece)
R. Slowinski, Poznan University of Technology (Poland)
G. Speranza, University of Brescia (Italy)
I. Stancu-Minasian, Romanian Academy (Romania)
S. Stanić, University of Banja Luka (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
M. Stanojević, University of Belgrade (Serbia)
D. Teodorović, University of Belgrade (Serbia)
B. Todosioska, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”- Skopje (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
R. Trandafir, Technical University of Civil Engineering (Romania)
A. Tsoukias, Universite Paris Dauphine (France)
M. Vujošević, University of Belgrade (Serbia)
M. Vidović, University of Belgrade (Serbia)
D. Yannacopoulos, Technological Educational Institution of Piraeus (Greece)
L. Zadnik-Stirn, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
C. Zopounidis, Technical University of Crete (Greece)



Final BALCOR 2013 conference proceedings is available here.


Final book of abstract is available here.